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High temperature platinum-rhodium thermocouple type r s b

Platinum-rhodium thermocouples are also called high-temperature precious metal thermocouples. Pt-rh thermocouple has a single platinum rhodium (platinum rhodium 10-platinum rhodium) and double platinum rhodium (platinum rhodium 30-platinum rhodium 6). They are used as temperature measuring sensors, usually with temperature instrument such temperature transmitter, regulator and temperature display instrument are used together to form a temperature process control system to directly measure or control the temperature of fluids, vapors and gaseous media and solid surfaces in the range of 0-1800 °C in various production processes.

WRP platinum-rhodium thermocouple, is a traditional temperature measuring element, with stable thermoelectric performance, strong oxidation resistance, long-term use temperature of 1600 ° C, short-term use temperature of 1800 ° C. The outer pre]otective tube use of 99% corundum thermocouple protective sleeve,MoSi2 Molybdenum disilicide tube and SIC tube,Si3N4 tube,  the inside is high-purity platinum-bismuth alloy wire, so its features are high temperature resistance, accurate temperature measurement, high precision.



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