Chongqing Sunflower Instrument Co,.Limited

WSS industrial bimetal thermometer temperature gauge

WSS-301 WSS-401 WSS-501 Axial Bimetal Thermometer
WSS-311 WSS-411 WSS-511 Stainless Steel Radial Bimetal Thermometer
WSS-481 WSS-581 Universal Bimetal Thermometer
WSSX-401 WSSX-411 Charging Contact Bimetal Thermometer
WSSK-461 adjustable angle bimetal thermometer
WTYY-1021 with p100 thermal resistance remote bimetal thermometer
WZPF-230 WZPF-230 anti-corrosion thermal resistance / PT100 thermal resistance / PTFE thermal resistance
WSS Hygienic All Stainless Steel Bimetal Thermometer
WSS-301 axial stainless steel bimetal thermometer
WSSX-411 live contact bimetal thermometer
WSSX-411 industrial double metal thermometer with point contact alarm
WSSX-411-B explosion-proof bimetal thermometer with electric contacts
WSSX-481 industrial bimetal thermometer with alarm live contact



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