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Differential Digital Steam Boiler Oil Pressure Gauge

There are many types of pressure gauges, not only general (ordinary) pointer indication type, but also digital type; not only conventional type, but also special type; not only contact type, but also long-distance type; not only vibration-resistant type, but also earthquake-resistant Type; not only the diaphragm type, but also the corrosion resistance type. The pressure gauge series is complete. It not only has a regular series, but also a digital series; not only the general media application series, but also the special media application series; not only the switching signal series, but also the remote signal series, etc., all of which originate from practical needs, have formed Complete series. The specifications and models of the pressure gauge are complete and the structure is perfect. From the nominal diameter, there are Φ40mm, Φ50mm, Φ60mm, Φ75mm, Φ100mm, Φ150mm, Φ200mm, Φ250mm and so on.


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Dial 3’’,4”, 6”(75mm,100mm, 150mm)
Case Full  stainless  steel
Lens Common glass or Safety glass
Ranges -1Bar(-30″Hg)-0-1000Bar(15000Psi)

Minimum: 0~0.1Mpa

Maximum:   0-100Mpa

Minimum negative   pressure: -0.1Mpa

Maximum negative   pressure: -0.1~2.4Mpa

Accuracy Class(Indication) 1.0%;1.5%
Accuracy Class(Setting) 4%
Quantity of Contacts 1 or 2, (Φ 100mm, 3 or 4 contacts available)
Maximum Working Voltage AC380V or DC220V
Maximum Current 1A
Contact Power

Temperature Effects


When temperature deviates from 20 ± 5°C, the error

Connection Size 1/8″,1/4″, 3/8″,1/2″;



Protection Class Standard type: IP 54;Vibration-proof type: IP65
Filling for vibration-proof style Special silicon or glycerin liquid filled
Temperature Effects When temperature deviates from 20 ± 5°C, the error
Environment condition Temperature -40~70 ; Relative Humidity 85%
Shock-proof class V*H*3 for YXC type V*H*4 for YXN type
Technical parameter of electric contact Max. Working Voltage: DC220V; AC380V

Max. Power on Contact: 30VA (Resistant Loading)

Control Way: by adjusting magnetic contact switch


Packing: Per bubble bag
Carton size:42*32*30CM
HS code:9025110000
Delivery time:25days
Hs code:9025199090
Color,package and thermometer dial plates can be customized.
Freight:we will estimate the freight according to your order quantity and choose the most economical way for you.
Payment term:T/T, PayPal, Western Union.
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1. When will you arrange the production?
In 12 hours since we get your payment.

2. What is your main products?
Bimetal thermometer,Thermocouple, PT100 sensor, bbq related tools and so on.

3. Is OEM Service available?
Yes,and we can process according drawings and samples.

4. What kind of information shall I give you regarding the shipping?
Company name, Recipients, Correct Address, telephone, zip code.

5. What is your warranty ?
For most of our products, the warranty will be 12 months.

6. When will I get a solution for defective products?
Within 48 hours on working days