Chongqing Sunflower Instrument Co,.Limited

Sunflower is a professinal bimetal oven thermometer supplier from China.Our producuts widely used in high temperature measuring process such as glass, ceramic industry and industrial NaCl bathing stove,power station,cement plant,glass factory, etc.powder metallurgy,fritting furnace,vacuum furnace, matallurgy furnace and calcination of fire-proof materials, proclein, ceramics. It can be directly measured the temperature of gas and liquid and solid. Widely used in petroleum, chemistry, shipping, machinery, medicine, electric power etc.

They are also popular in the kitchen,like bbq thermometers,grill thermometers,meat thermometers,milk thermometers,coffee thermometers,meat claws,flexible skewers and steak thermomerters etc.

No matter you are the end user or whole salers,we are you best choice.Our products have a good quality and competitive price.We export a lot to Europe,USA and South Asia.Welcome to inquire.