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Heraeus M1020 pt100 and pt1000 thin film element

A thermocouple consists of two dissimilar metals joined together at one end. When the junction of the two metals be cooled or heated and a voltage is produced that can be correlated back to the emperature. The calibrations are K, N, E.J, T, S, R, B. Each calibration has a different temperature range.S R B type thermocouple is applicable to oxidation and inert atmosphere can also be used for short-term vacuum, but does not apply to restore an atmosphere of or containing metal or non-metallic vapor in the atmosphere. The temperature range of thermocouple type s is 0 to 1800℃


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Calibration: K type Conductor material:NiCr-NiSi Temperature range:-40 to 1000℃
Calibration: N type Conductor material:NiCr Si-NiSi Temperature range:-40 to 1100℃
Calibration: E type Conductor material:NiCr-Konstantan Temperature range:-40 to 800℃
Calibration: J type Conductor material:Fe-Konstantan Temperature range:-40 to 750℃
Calibration: T type Conductor material:Cu-Konstantan Temperature range:-40 to 350℃
Calibration: S type Conductor material:PtRh10-Pt Temperature range:0-1300℃
Calibration: R type Conductor material:PtRh13-Pt Temperature range:0-1400℃
Calibration: B type Conductor material:PtRh30-PtRh6 Temperature range:0-1800℃
Calibration:C type Conductor:Tungsten Temperature range:0-2300℃

Thermocouple protection tube material:SS304,SS316,SS310,INCONEL 600,INCONEL 601,hastelloy,Titanium,high aluminum alloy