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wear resist thermocouple drilled bar stock

Wear resist thermocouple is widely used in the cement plant and glass industry.The calibration is usually K type.And the tube is drilled bar stock.Type K thermocouple is used as a temperature transmitter, In general, K type thermocouple is connected with the display instrument, record instrument and computer by KX extension cable. It can be directly measured temperature of the gas, liquid , melting liquid and solid surface in various production process. Now the type K thermocouple have three forms: assembly thermocouple, sheathed thermocouple , assembly and sheathed combined thermocouple.The temperature range of thermocouple type k is 0 to 1300℃.


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wear resist thermocouple K type
material:CTY101,inconel600,hastelloy,inconel 601
outer diameter:25mm,
drill bar stock,hole diameter:10mm
probe length:1000mm
process connection:movable flange
with waterproof connection box IP65
Application:cement plant,glass industry
Other special specifications like probe length,thread size and thickness can be customized
OEM service is available
We also can process according to drawings and samples.
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Other type thermocople sensor
Calibration: K type Conductor material:NiCr-NiSi Temperature range:-40 to 1000℃
Calibration: N type Conductor material:NiCr Si-NiSi Temperature range:-40 to 1100℃
Calibration: E type Conductor material:NiCr-Konstantan Temperature range:-40 to 800℃
Calibration: J type Conductor material:Fe-Konstantan Temperature range:-40 to 750℃
Calibration: T type Conductor material:Cu-Konstantan Temperature range:-40 to 350℃
Calibration: S type Conductor material:PtRh10-Pt Temperature range:0-1300℃
Calibration: R type Conductor material:PtRh13-Pt Temperature range:0-1400℃
Calibration: B type Conductor material:PtRh30-PtRh6 Temperature range:0-1800℃
Calibration:C type Conductor:Tungsten Temperature range:0-2300℃

Thermocouple protection tube material:SS304,SS316,SS310,INCONEL 600,INCONEL 601,hastelloy,Titanium,high aluminum alloy

packing,shipping and payment term

Package:pluwooden case or carton box
Net weight:about 3kg/pcs
Freight:we will estimate the freight according to your order quantity and choose the most economical way for you.
Delivery time:10 working days
Payment term:T/T, PayPal, Western Union.


1. When will you arrange the production?
In 12 hours since we get your payment.

2. What is your main products?
Bimetal thermometer,Thermocouple, PT100 sensor, bbq related tools and so on.

3. Is OEM Service available?
Yes,and we can process according drawings and samples.

4. What kind of information shall I give you regarding the shipping?
Company name, Recipients, Correct Address, telephone, zip code.

5. What is your warranty ?
For most of our products, the warranty will be 12 months.

6. When will I get a solution for defective products?
Within 48 hours on working days