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WSS-401 Manometer thermometer back connection with 100mm dial 0-200C thread:M27*2

WSS-401 Manometer thermometer back connection with 100mm dial 0-200C thread:M27*2
WSS-581 adjustable angle type Manometer thermometer with 150mm dial 0-100C size:Φ10*200mm
WSSCP-461 bottom connection Manometer thermometer with pt100 rtd Dial dia 100mm 0-150C
WSSP-481 adjustable angle bimetal thermometer with pt100 rtd 100mm dial 0-100C
WSSXP-481 electric contact manometer bimetal thermometer with rtd pt100 100mm dial 0-100C
WTYY-1031 Bimetal Manometer thermometer bottom connection with rtd pt100 sensor 150mm dial 0-100C
WTYY2-1031 150mm dial Manometer bimetal thermometer with duplex rtd pt100 bottom connection 0-100C
WTYY-1020-X1 back connection bimetal Manometer thermometer temperature gauge with rtd and electric contact 0-100C
WTYY-1031 Manometer thermometer with pt100 rtd bottom connection 0-200C
WTYY2-1031-X2 bimetal Manometer thermometer gauge with rtd 150mm dial bottom connection 0-300C
WTYYP-1021 Bimetal thermometer with pt100 RTD 0-150 C bottom connection : M27 x 2.0 stainless Swival Stem sus 304
WTYYP-1021 Bimetal thermometer with RTD Pt-100 ohm 3 wire Terminal Aviation plug 3 PIN


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bimetal thermometer
temperature range 0 to 200℃
stem:8*100mm SS304 material
dial diameter:100mm
adjustable angle
process connection fitting:1/2NPT

Dial Size: 2.5″,3″, 4″ 5″, 6″
Stem diameter: Φ6.3, Φ8, Φ10
Stem length: 65mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mmn
Connection thread: 304SS with 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4” NPT , BSP, BSPT
Case: 304 stainless steel
Bezel: 304 stainless steel ring
Range: -40ºC / ºF to 500ºC / ºF
Window (lens): Polycarbonate lens, tempered glass available
Accuracy: 1.6% full scale