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WTYY-1020-X1 back connection bimetal Manometer thermometer temperature gauge with rtd and electric contact 0-100C

WSS-401 Manometer thermometer back connection with 100mm dial 0-200C thread:M27*2
WSS-581 adjustable angle type Manometer thermometer with 150mm dial 0-100C size:Φ10*200mm
WSSCP-461 bottom connection Manometer thermometer with pt100 rtd Dial dia 100mm 0-150C
WSSP-481 adjustable angle bimetal thermometer with pt100 rtd 100mm dial 0-100C
WSSXP-481 electric contact manometer bimetal thermometer with rtd pt100 100mm dial 0-100C
WTYY-1031 Bimetal Manometer thermometer bottom connection with rtd pt100 sensor 150mm dial 0-100C
WTYY2-1031 150mm dial Manometer bimetal thermometer with duplex rtd pt100 bottom connection 0-100C
WTYY-1020-X1 back connection bimetal Manometer thermometer temperature gauge with rtd and electric contact 0-100C
WTYY-1031 Manometer thermometer with pt100 rtd bottom connection 0-200C
WTYY2-1031-X2 bimetal Manometer thermometer gauge with rtd 150mm dial bottom connection 0-300C
WTYYP-1021 Bimetal thermometer with pt100 RTD 0-150 C bottom connection : M27 x 2.0 stainless Swival Stem sus 304
WTYYP-1021 Bimetal thermometer with RTD Pt-100 ohm 3 wire Terminal Aviation plug 3 PIN
WSSX-413N electric contact bimetal thermometer 0-250 C lower mount connection
WSS-311 bimetal temperature gauge Rear center Back Conecter thermometer G1/4""
WTYYP2-1051 Bimetal thermometer with RTD Bottom connection with Compressing thread:M27 x 2.0
WSS-301 WSS-401 WSS-501 Axial bimetal thermometer
WSS-311 WSS-411 WSS-511 Stainless steel radial bimetal thermometer
WSS-481 WSS-581 Universal bimetal thermometer
WSSX-401 WSSX-411 Bimetal thermometer with live contact
WSSK-461 Adjustable Angle Bimetal Thermometer
WTYY-1021 Remote bimetal thermometer with p100 thermal resistance
WSS Sanitary Full Stainless Steel Bimetal Thermometer
WSS-301 Axial stainless steel bimetal thermometer
WSSX-411 Bimetal thermometer with electric contact
WSSX-411 Industrial bimetal thermometer with electric contact and alarm function
WSSX-411-B Explosion-proof bimetal thermometer with electric contact
WSSX-481 Industrial bimetal thermometer with alarm and electric contact
WSS Hygienic sanitary bimetal thermometer with 1.5 inch triclamp
WSS Bimetal industrial water temperature and oil temperature gauge
WSS Food industry hygienic bimetallic thermometer
wssx-481 Mechanical industrial bimetal thermometer


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Dial Size: 2.5″,3″, 4″ 5″, 6″
Stem diameter: Φ6.3, Φ8, Φ10
Stem length: 65mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mmn
Connection thread: 304SS with 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4” NPT , BSP, BSPT
Case: 304 stainless steel
Bezel: 304 stainless steel ring
Range: -40ºC / ºF to 500ºC / ºF
Window (lens): Polycarbonate lens, tempered glass available
Accuracy: 1.6% full scale