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Industrial armored mineral insulated thermocouple explosionproof

WRNT-01 armored nickel-chromium-nickel silicon thermocouple blown-type thermocouple
WRNT high temperature and high pressure blown type thermocouple
WRKKT K type multi-point armored thermocouple
WRN (ETJSRB) KT N (ETJSRB) type armored thermocouple multi-point type
WRKKT/3-24A3DD 3-point multi-point armored thermocouple
WRKKM3A multi-point armored explosion-proof thermocouple
WRKK-533 K type armored thermocouple with movable flange
WRNKT1//3-332DD K type armored explosion-proof multi-point thermocouple
WRJKT1/4-243DD J type armored waterproof multi-point thermocouple
WREKT1/5-323DD E-type armored multi-point thermocouple
WRSKT1-2-252DD S type double armored multi-point thermocouple
WRBKT1/2-232DD B type double armored thermocouple
WRRKT1/2-342DD R double armored thermocouple
WRNK2-10D K type double armored hot spot
WRKK2-14D armored explosion-proof thermocouple double support
WREK2-32D E-type armored explosion-proof thermocouple double
WRTK2-63D T-type armored explosion-proof thermocouple double support
WRJK2-35D J type armored thermocouple double support
WRSK2-64D S type armored explosion-proof thermocouple double support
WRRKS-72D R type armored explosion-proof thermocouple double
WRBK2-73D B type armored explosion-proof thermocouple double support
WRNKK2-25D WRNK-22D K type armored special thermocouple
WRNKT-01DR blade type armored thermocouple
WREKT-02DR Shielded Blade Type Armored Thermocouple
WRNKL-240 wear-resistant armored explosion-proof thermocouple
WRML-430 wear-resistant assembly waterproof thermocouple
WRQL-320K R type armored wear-resistant thermocouple
WRNL-430Q wear-resistant thermocouple
WRNS-001 solid thermocouple
WRMS-002 6.3 pairs of thermocouples
WRGKK-52GR high voltage armored thermocouple
WRGNK-53GR N index high pressure thermocouple
WRGEK power station dedicated high voltage thermocouple
WRNT-234RF blast furnace hot blast stove assembly thermocouple
WRMT-435RF blast furnace hot blast stove thermocouple temperature sensor
WRPT-434 RF blast furnace hot blast stove S-type platinum rhodium thermocouple temperature sensor
WRQT-435RF R type platinum-iridium thermocouple temperature sensor
WRRT-434F Type B Platinum Rhodium Thermocouple Industrial Thermometer
PSW-902 Portable Digital Display Armored Thermocouple
WRN-003 K-type wire braided thermocouple
WRM-003 N indexing thermocouple temperature sensor
WRE-003 E type industrial thermocouple thermometer
WRF-003/B J-type spring compression thermocouple thermometer sensor
WRC-003/A T-type spring spring compression thermocouple



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