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Keychain thermometer, zipper buckle thermometer, swimming pool thermometer

Blue water core thermometer
Red water thermometer watch core
Blue liquid glass thermometer watch core
Handicraft glass thermometer meter stick
Glass tube thermometer watch core
Thermometer watch core
Glass thermometer watch core
Aquatic thermometer
-5-40 Surface Water Temperature Table Stainless Steel Plastic Surface Water Temperature Table
Main business: all kinds of card thermometers, self-adhesive thermometers, aluminum thermometers, refrigerator magnet thermometers, PVC thermometers,
Keychain thermometer, zipper buckle thermometer, swimming pool thermometer, high temperature hydraulic thermometer, large and small cold watch core, plastic brand thermometer, plastic brand thermometer, handicraft thermometer, indoor professional dry and wet thermometer, refrigerator special dry and wet thermometer, cold and heat meter and various Various specifications of glass rod cores, handicraft thermometers, indoor professional dry and wet thermometers, refrigerators special dry and wet thermometers, cold and heat meters and various specifications of glass rod cores, etc.
Model: WNY-01
Product Introduction
Mainly used in gift manufacturing, decoration industry, etc. Temperature range: -30+50℃, -50+50℃, 0-100℃
Conventional length: 7CM, 8CM, 10CM, 12CM, 15CM and other lengths can be customized
Liquid is divided into: kerosene, alcohol, blue water, red water


types of liquid in glass thermometer with 200mm 300mm 400mm

-50-50C and 0-50C Red Liquid Dual Scale Laboratory Glass Thermometer

KereLab Alcohol Glass Thermometer with Red Liquid

Stainless Steel Boiler Thermometer Glass Tube Temperature Gauge

High Quality Red Liquid Thermometer with White Back 10-50C

Mercury thermometer manufacturers 30cm



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