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universal programmable head mount din rail mount temperature transmitter signal isolator

universal input programmable head mount temperature transmitter
din rail mount temperature signal isolator
Hirschmann temperature transmitter with led display

1.Signal isolator provides isolated power distribution power supply for transmitter, meanwhile it isolates and converts the current signal to control room,PLC and DCS etc.

2.Input terminal is in common use for current source,2-wires and 3-wires. The input, output and power are isolated from each other by adopting highly efficient magnetoelectric isolation technology interiorly.

3.DC 24V or AC 220V power supply. Standard 35mm DIN rail independent mounting.

4. It has 6 type channels, 1 in/1 out, 1 in/2 out, 1 in/3 out, 1 in/4 out, 2 in/2 out, 2 in/4 out, input and output signal can be customized.



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