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Wear-resistant thermocouples for Cement plant

Cement plant wear-resistant thermocouples are aimed at the temperature of the cones of the third, fourth, and fifth-level cylinders of the dry-process rotary kiln production line in the cement plant, the middle of the decomposition furnace, the kiln tail smoke, the kiln hood, and the ordinary wear-resistant thermocouple protection tube Material problems, unable to meet the special temperature measurement conditions of wear-resistant thermocouples and erosion resistance, resulting in short life of thermocouples, large costs, frequent replacements, unprotected transmission signals, instrument processing alert status, and increased workload for instrument maintenance .

The special wear-resistant thermocouple for cement plants is a high-temperature, erosion-resistant thermocouple sleeve material that has been studied and verified, combined with the characteristics of the production process of foreign cement plants, after many tests and time use of the surface, the thermocouple is recrystallized The recrystallized thermocouple has the advantages of long service life, good catastrophic performance, high thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, no buildup, no slagging, and easy installation and use. It can be used for measurement The special temperature measurement occasions of 600~1200℃ cannot be replaced by our country’s current thermocouple protection tubes made of corundum, high alumina, graphite, oxide silicon carbide and other materials.

The selection is divided into: super wear-resistant head, first-class wear-resistant head, and second-class wear-resistant head

Super wear-resistant heads are often used in the furnace head and tail of cement plants. This part is the most severely worn part in cement plants. The service life is usually about 1 month and the price is high.

The first-grade wear-resistant head is used in the furnace head and tail for about 20 days, and the furnace can be used for about 15 days

The secondary wear-resistant head is also a common wear-resistant head, which has low cost and can be used in the furnace for about a week

High precision and long service life.
Anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance.
Thermal shock and high temperature resistance.
No tumors, no slagging.
4~8mm pipe wall thickness.
Quick response function, strong stability.
can be used without preheating.
A variety of installation methods suitable for each user.
Optional local display.
Anti-interference ability during long-distance transmission.
The operating environment has a wide temperature range, and the work is stable and reliable.



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