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inconel 600 inconel 601 high temperature thermocouple WRNK WRKKT WZPK

1. WRKK-533, K-type mineral insulated thermocouple, diameter: 6mm, length: 4600mm, material: SS316, ferrule flange: DN25, junction box: waterproof
2. WRKKT/3-24A3DD K-type mineral insulated thermocouple, SS316L material, three points, L1=Φ5*815mm L2=Φ5*1530mm L3=Φ5*2245mm, stainless steel explosion-proof junction box, thread M33*2
3. Model: WRNK-291, K-type thermocouple, single type, two-wire system, temperature range: 0 to 1100℃, accuracy: Class I, material: inconel600, probe Φ6mm*130mm, ferrule bolt 1/4NPT, high temperature belt Shield lead: 2m with wiring fork. Remarks: The product is neutral, well polished, neat and clean.
4. Model: WRK1-630-1/2NPTQ-l915 Name: K-type high temperature thermocouple with thermowell.  K type fixed thread: 1/2NPT thread length: 915mm Material: inconel 601, outer diameter: 6mm with thermowell, material: inconel 601 thermowell outer thread 3/4npt, thermowell outer diameter: 16mm, measuring range: 0 to 1200℃; junction box: KNE waterproof junction box nameplate and certificate: neutral export standard, neat and flawless appearance

5. pt100 mineral insulated rtd sensor, model: WZPK-191 armored probe diameter 5mm, length: 7200mm, lead S=200mm, three-wire system. Temperature range: -50-300℃, material: SS304. Remarks: The export standard, the product is well polished, and the appearance is clean and flawless.


Thermocouple Type K-36″ 915mm With Thermowell ALLOY 601 1/2″ NPT
Thermocouple Type K-24″ 610mm With Thermowell ALLOY 601 1/2″ NPT
Thermocouple Type K-24″610mm  With Thermowell 446 SS 1/2″ NPT
Thermocouple Type K 12″ 305mm  With Thermowell 446 SS 1/2″ NPT



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