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WZPK-13G, WZPK-031G, pipeline surface mount pt100 rtd thermal resistance

1. Model: WRK-3325 Name: Wear-resistant thermocouple Indexing number: K-type fixed thread: M33*2 Length below thread: 750mm Extension tube (SS310 material): 150mm Outer diameter: 25mm Wear-resistant head material: CYT101 Wear-resistant Head length: 550mm Wear-resistant head thickness: 9mm Built-in 2520 k-type armored core Accuracy Class I range: 0 to 1300℃; Junction box: KNE waterproof junction box Application environment: Power plant fluidized bed brand and certificate: neutral export Standard warranty for more than one year, the appearance is clean and flawless
2. Model: WZPK-625 Name: Pt100 thermal resistance, three-wire system, material: SS304 -50 to 150°C, rod diameter 6mm (armored), threaded RP1/2, (insertion depth thermal resistance is determined by thermal resistance) Equipped with thermowell, thermowell outer diameter 12mm, insertion depth 136mm (not including thread length), thermowell external thread R1/2, internal thread RP1/2 connected with thermal resistance. Waterproof junction box KNE, cast aluminum. Remarks: The product is well polished, clean and tidy. Rudert nameplate
3. Model: WZPK-13G, WZPK-031G, pipeline thermal resistance, clamp-type pipe outer wall armored thermal resistance, hoop-type thermal resistance is to weld one end of a compensation wire made of thermal resistance armor material to the diameter to shrink The hoop is installed on the outside of the pipe to be measured, the temperature range: -200 to 30℃, the outer diameter of the pipe: 61mm, 9 pieces; the outer diameter of the pipe: 34mm, 2 pieces; accuracy: Class A



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