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WRK-3325 WRKK-430 K-type thermocouple for Power plant fluidized bed

1. Model: WRK-3325 Name: Wear-resistant thermocouple Indexing number: K-type fixed thread: M33*2 Length below thread: 750mm Extension tube (SS310 material): 150mm Outer diameter: 25mm Wear-resistant head material: CYT101 Wear-resistant Head length: 550mm Wear-resistant head thickness: 9mm Built-in 2520 k-type armored core Accuracy Class I range: 0 to 1300℃; Junction box: KNE waterproof junction box Application environment: Power plant fluidized bed nameplate and certificate: neutral export Standard warranty for more than one year, the appearance is clean and flawless

2. K-type thermocouple, with lead, 0-700℃, SS316 material, probe: φ6*115mm, with 16mm small flange (all welded), right-angle elbow. Metal shielded extension cable 7m, stripped 50mm. The dimensions are shown in the figure:

3. Titanium thermal protection tube, outer diameter: 8mm inner diameter 6mm length: 125X100mm flange piece: 35X3mm material: pure titanium

4. K-type thermocouple, (nameplate content: model: WRKK-430, 0-1300℃), with waterproof junction box, corundum tube outer diameter tube φ22*1200mm (insertion depth), SS304 extension tube: 28*150mm, fixed Flange: DN25, RF, PN16. Wooden box hanger packaging.



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